Crystal Violet Staining Solution

Crystal Violet Staining Solution


Item No:BL802A



15 PV


    Crystal Violet Staining Solution can differentiate Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria in samples of human origin. In the case of Gram-positive bacteria, the bacteria retain their dark blue / dark purple color even after the treatment with decolorizing solution. On the other side Gram-negative bacteria are stained red or pink with the counterstain.


1. Convenient—the refrigerator-stable, 100x liquid format is more effective and easier to use than individual inhibitors or other formats, just pipette exactly the amount you need
2. No proprietary ingredients—fully disclosed formulation contains optimized concentrations of six broad-spectrum protease inhibitors AEBSF, aprotinin, bestatin, E-64, leupeptin and pepstatin A stabilized in high-quality dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO)
3. EDTA-free formulations—ensures compatibility with isoelectric focusing


Storage:   -20℃

Shelf Life:Store at -20℃ for 1 year.

Item No BL802A
Size 50ml
Brand Biosharp
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