Trypan Blue Staining Solution

Trypan Blue Staining Solution


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     Trypan Blue Staining Solution is the stain most commonly used for dead cell staining and to distinguish viable from nonviable cells. It is a water-soluble dye used for the dye exclusion test for cell viability and distinguish between viable and nonviable cells by seeping into nonviable cells with damaged plasma membranes causing them to appear blue. Viable cells exclude the dye and are not stained by Trypan Blue while nonviable cells absorb the dye and appear blue. Therefore, dead Trypan Blue-stained cells are easily recognized by microscopy and can be counted using a hematocytometer. Though it is hard to detect cells in early to middle stages of apoptosis, Trypan Blue staining is a very simple and widely used method to visualize dead cells.Do not leave on cells for long periods of time; viable cells may also begin to take up the dye.


Filter sterilized and packed under sterile conditions.


Storage: 4℃

Shelf Life:Store at 4℃ for 1 year.

Item No BL707A
Size 50ml
Brand Biosharp
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