Fast Silver Stain Kit

Fast Silver Stain Kit


Item No:BL620A



15 PV


     A rapid and sensitive method for detecting protein and nucleic acids fractionated by PAGE. Provides gels with clear backgrounds and sharp bands.The protocol is simple and takes as little as 90 min to yield perfect results.

The optimized staining method ensures extremely sensitive staining while minimizing covalent crosslinking of protein to the gel matrix, which can inhibit protein recovery. The destaining reagents facilitate complete removal of silver from stained protein bands and maximum protein recovery for subsequent mass spectrometry analysis.


1. Sensitivity—detect proteins at 0.3ng
2. Gel-compatibility—staining performance is very good with a variety of commercial precast mini-gels and SDS-PAGE buffer-systems

Component:1. 26ml Silver sensitizing solution (100×)
                       2. 26ml Silver solution (100 x)
                       3. 250ml Silver dyeing Basic chromogenic solution (10×)
                       4. 1.5ml Silver dyeing accelerating solution (2000×)
                       5.  125ml Silver dyeing termination solution (20×)

Storage: RT

Shelf Life:Store at RT for 1 year.

Item No BL620A
Size 25T
Brand Biosharp
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