TBE buffer (10×)


Item No:BL540A



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  TBE buffer is a nucleic acid electrophoresis buffer salt solution commonly used in biology, mainly used for agarose gel electrophoresis of DNA. The main components of TBE are Tris-borate and EDTA, with strong buffering capacity, suitable for longer electrophoresis, high resolution, and good separation effect when electrophoresing fragments less than 1kb. 

The boric acid component in the TBE buffer will affect the efficiency of DNA recovery and subsequent enzymatic reactions. For agarose gel electrophoresis recovery experiments of DNA fragments, it is recommended to use TAE buffer. This product is a 10× concentrated solution. If the product precipitates out, please dissolve it in a 37°C water without affecting its use.


1. Convenient—Ready to use
2. Save time—10x concentration eliminates time spent waiting for powder to dissolve
3. Quality-controlled reagent — guarantees reproducible results



Shelf Life:Stoer at RT for 1 year.

Item No BL540A
Size 250ml
Brand Biosharp
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