TAE buffer (50x,pH 8.0)

TAE buffer (50x,pH 8.0)


Item No:BL533A



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     TAE buffer is a nucleic acid electrophoresis buffer salt solution commonly used in biology, mainly used for agarose gel electrophoresis of DNA. The main components of TAE are Tris-acetate and EDTA, with strong buffering capacity. 

This product is supplied as a ready to use 50x working solution,pH 8.0. A 1x solution is obtained by adding 1 part of the concentrated TAE to 49 parts of deionized water.


1. Convenient—Ready to use
2. Save time—50x concentration eliminates time spent waiting for powder to dissolve
3. Quality-controlled reagent — guarantees reproducible results

Component:1. Tris-acetate—40mM
                       2. EDTA—1mM

Storage: RT

Shelf Life:Store at RT for 1 year.

Item No BL533A
Size 500ml
Brand Biosharp
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