Rapid SDS-PAGE Gel kit

Rapid SDS-PAGE Gel kit


Item No:BL522A



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     The Rapid SDS-PAGE Gel kit contains all the reagents needed for gel preparation. This kit can prepare at least 50 PAGE gels of regular size. The kit is simple to operate with simple in gel preparation, fast and safe in rubber distribution. Separating gel and stacking gel are prepared at the same time which makes the whole process of gel preparation completed in 30-40 min.


1. Convenient— Complete kit, includes all the reagents needed for gel preparation
2. Reduced preparation time — no reagents to weigh or filter
3. Quality-controlled reagent — guarantees reproducible results

Component:1. 40% Acr-Bis(29:1)—100mL, store at 4℃
                       2. 4×Tris/SDS separation gel buffer, pH8.8
                       3. 4×Tris/SDS concentrated gel buffer, pH6.8
                       4. APS(power)—0.5g, store at RT
                       5. TEMED—0.5ml, store at 4℃, protect from light
Storage:RT or  4°C

Shelf Life:Transport at RT, valid for 1 year

Item No BL522A
Size 50T
Brand Biosharp
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