BCA Protein Assay Kit

BCA Protein Assay Kit


Item No:BL521A



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     The Western Blot Stripping Buffer is a solution for removing primary and secondary antibodies from probed Western blot membranes. Stripping refers to the method of removing a primary and secondary antibody from a western blot membrane. A single blot can be analyzed sequentially with multiple antibodies by stripping one antibody from the blot and subsequently incubating with an additional antibody.

This product is composed of Tris-Hcl buffer, SDS and β-mercaptoethanol. Antibody removal with this buffer can occur under mild conditions (room temperature, 30 min incubation), minimizing loss of immobilized protein from the membrane.


1. Convenient—Ready to use
2. Efficient—Strip blots in only 10-20 minutes at room temperature
3. Save time—No need to run new gels and prepare a new blot
4. Low requirements—Incubation at room temperature


Storage: 4°C

Shelf Life:Stored at 4°C  for 6 months.

Item No BL521A
Size 500T
Brand Biosharp
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