Trypsin-EDTA Solution

Trypsin-EDTA Solution


Item No:BL501A



15 PV


  Trypsin solutions are widely utilized as cell dissociation reagents for continuous cell culture of adherent growing cells. Trypsin proteolysis or trypsinization is a process in which proteins have been digested or treated with trypsin and are thus said to be trypsinized.
This solution contains 0.25% Trypsin/ 0.02%  EDTA in Hanks balanced salt solution, without calcium, magnesium, or phenol red. For dissociation of cell monolayers.


Convenient – ready-to-use solution

Storage: 4℃ or -20℃. 

Shelf Life:Store at 4℃ or store at -20℃ for 2 year.

Item No BL501A
Size 100ml
Brand Biosharp
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